FAQ – What should I look for in an Attorney?

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  • This is your case, your only case. The attorney you choose makes a difference.
  • Our attorneys understand that this case is important to you.
  • Choose the attorneys who have the ability, experience and desire to fight for you.

The following is a list of questions you might ask before selecting an attorney or law firm to represent you.

Does the attorney have experience in handling this type of case?

Is the attorney knowledgeable about the type of injury or damage involved?

Has the attorney tried any similar cases before a jury?

How many jury trials has the attorney had?

Is the case too large for this attorney or law firm to handle?

Is the attorney a solo practitioner, or does he or she have a law firm with other partners and associate attorneys to help prepare the case?

How long has the attorney or law firm been in business?

What honors or recognition has the attorney or law firm received?

What professional organizations does the attorney belong to?

Has the attorney held any office or position with any professional organization?

What is the attorney’s reputation in the community?

Has the attorney ever been reprimanded or disciplined by the State Bar?

Does the attorney keep up with recent developments in law and medicine and trial practice by attending seminars and participating in workshops?

Does the attorney or law firm have the financial resources to prepare and try the case?

Does the attorney or law firm carry professional liability insurance?

Cheong, Denove, Rowell & Bennett has the extensive resources to handle the most complex legal matters, yet is small enough to offer individualized service to our clients.

At Cheong, Denove, Rowell & Bennett we believe the more you know, the better choice you will make.

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